Monday, February 13, 2012

This Old House

Students wax creatively about the possibilties an old abandoned house/warehouse might reveal via ink and paper.

Through the crumbling years, past 2012, there was one building;  789 Broadway Street, New York.  It stood firm, but cracked in the afternoon.  The blinding rays of the sun spread across the sky.  Not one living organism remained on the crusty brown surface of the dried up earth.  The broken windows let light through, to shine upon the faded graffiti.  Two pillars stood somewhat hunched over, with knocked over tables and chairs all around.  In a corner, there hung a cobweb with the desiccated body of a fly and some lifeless eggs.  Wooden planks covered the floor with sharp nails sticking out like porcupine quills. 

The beaches are gone; the oceans vaporized.  The building's story is fairly simple.  This was the one structure surviving WW III.

                                                                                                  by Raphael

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